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A lot of anti-astrology arguments I see are founded on two false assumptions/beliefs.1. Astrologers think astrology is a science. (Uh, no.)2. Something has to be a science to have value. (Sounds boring, and also, no.)

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July Full Moon In Aquarius 2018 Meaning In Astrology

In fact, it may be the one totally positive thing coming down the astrological pike right now. Within nature-based faiths, this month's full moon is known as the Blessing Moon (most likely for the bountiful crops, plants, and flowers that early Pagans and Wiccans enjoyed around this time of year). It's associated with those contented days of high summer when we actually have time to kick back and be grateful for what we have. And even if you can't spare a whole day to relax (who can, anymore?), spending even a little time reflecting on all the good things in your life is a simple way to honor this phase of the moon. This year, July's Blessing Moon will take place in Aquarius, a brainy air sign known for its humanitarian instincts. The Astrotwins write that Aquarian full moons are useful for reconnecting with your inner self and celebrating what makes you different from everyone else. They add that you may feel compelled to act on the grand, if not somewhat idealistic, plans that have been incubating in your brain — especially those that will affect major institutional changes. In short, full moons in the sign of the Water Bearer aim to bring out the mad scientist, the radical revolutionary, in all of us. When combined, the energy of the Blessing Moon and that of Aquarius can lend us a healthy dose of perspective. With our attention turned toward gratitude and the greater good, we may realize what we can do to show thanks to those who have helped us and then return the favor.

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